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What Should We Wear?
Tips for picking out the best family picture outfits

Match, but don't match - I mean that you want your colors and patterns to look good together, but you also don't want to be matchy matchy. Pick out about three different colors for people to wear. Browns, blacks and whites are neutrals that can be thrown in and added to your core colors. I love to use Design Seeds to see out how different colors look together.
Don't Procrastinate- Don't wait until the last minute to try and figure out what people will be wearing. Start planning early! Moms, find yourself a special outfit to wear. As many of us know, moms make a lot of sacrifices.....your outfits for family pictures should not be one of those sacrifices. Find something that makes you feel beautiful!

Avoid Too Many Patterns - Depending on the number of people in your family have one or two people in an outfit with some kind of pattern. You don't want too many patterns or they might clash or just be too distracting. It's nice to have an item of clothing that incorporates all or several of the colors to tie everything together.
Layers/Textures - Adding different layers or textures to your outfits can help keep your pictures from looking flat. You can add these elements by including accessories to your outfits: necklaces, scarves, hats, jackets, shirts or skirts with multiple layers, etc.

Theme - Decide on a theme for the style of clothing everyone will be wearing. Whether it's wintery, outdoorsy, hipster, formal, etc. make sure everyone is dressed in that same style so that the outfits feel cohesive.
hansen winter-443
Everyday Outfits - Wear the type of clothes what you'd normally wear - style wise. It will make the pictures look more natural and real rather than trying to pose for some fashion model magazine.

Lay Them Out - Put all of the outfits on the floor or bed so you can see them together. If you're happy with the combination you're done!
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