Family Tips - Madelyn Wayment Photography
Tips for Great Family Pictures
Don't Procrastinate - As soon as you book your session (hopefully a few weeks before the day of your shoot), start planning the colors and outfits you'd like your family to wear. One of the most stressful things about family pictures is figuring out what everyone’s outfits, so start working on that as soon as possible.  

Be Prepared - When you show up to your photo shoot make sure your kids (and spouse) are well rested and fed. Hungry kids are generally cranky kids. Feel free to bring snacks or treats for during the shoot. I recommend bringing foods that won't stain your kids clothes or require a lot of time to suck/chew. One of my favorite treats for kids is smarties. You can make a pack last for a long time, they don't stain and they dissolve quickly.

Also bring wipes, diapers, blankets, bottles, pacifiers, and maybe even a backup outfit incase of a diaper blowout or some other craziness.  

Don't Stress - It's easy to get caught up in having everything perfect for your family pictures and then when things start to fall apart , you turn into some crazy creature. Instead, laugh it off and make the best of the situation. Trust me, your kids won't smile any better if they are feeling like you are mad at them. When the kids aren't happy or things aren't going smoothly I simply take a step back and let everyone take a break. Sometimes that little break is all kids need to warm back up.

Have Fun - Some of my favorite pictures are ones taken between the poses while the family is interacting and having fun together. Don’t feel like you have to be looking and smiling at the camera 100% of the time.

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